Countering Pro-Trump Propaganda: Are magazines just too liberal to feature one of the most beautiful and eloquent first ladies (Melania Trump) that America has had since Jacqueline Kennedy?

An anonymous Trump supporter on Quora asks:

Are magazines just too liberal to feature one of the most beautiful and eloquent first ladies (Melania Trump) that America has had since Jacqueline Kennedy?
Dear Anonymous,
You have got to be joking.
Well, either you’re trying to be funny or you’re a Trump supporter, and since I’m not experiencing a side-splitting gale of uncontrollable laughter, I can safely bet that you are, in fact, a Trump supporter.
First, as far as I know, most magazines don’t have a liberal slant. Some do, some don’t, and some (like the National Review) have a decidedly conservative bias. And as someone who studied mass communications, journalism, and public relations, I can tell you that most publications cover First Ladies’ activities when they do something newsworthy or grant an interview because they have a message that they want to share with the American people.
So far, Melania Trump has been featured in American mass media any time she has accompanied the President on a foreign trip, or gone on her own to make a First Lady-like trip to Africa (where she angered local populations by wearing a “safari outfit” complete with a pith helmet, headgear that many Africans associated with European colonialism and the harsh rule of their countries by white Europeans) or to see the Homeland Security camps for separated immigrant children where she wore the infamous “I Don’t Care, Do U?” raincoat.

Like her husband, Melania prefers to use social media to get her message out, but that doesn’t mean that no magazines ever feature her.
As for Melania being eloquent….well, now that’s funny.
Per Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary:
el· o· quent | \ ˈe-lə-kwənt \
Definition of eloquent
1marked by forceful and fluent expression; an eloquent preacher
2vividly or movingly expressive or revealing an eloquent monument
Unless you are a die-hard Trump supporter, you can’t honestly call Melania Knauss Trump “eloquent.”
Do you see any “eloquence” there? Because I sure don’t.
Yes, I see a woman who is comfortable in front of a camera. Of course, she is…she’s a former model from Slovenia. She is used to posing for still and video cameras, both dressed and (famously) not dressed.
But is she eloquent? To her husband’s fans, maybe. They’ll praise her, as you did, as one of the most beautiful and eloquent first ladies since the Kennedys occupied the White House in the early Sixties.
I am a writer, which means I’m intimately familiar with the English language and how it’s used. I’ve even been told that I’m an eloquent writer. I also read a lot, and I have a good ear for “eloquence.” So I’m going to tell you right now:
Melania Knauss Trump is not eloquent.
“But…but…she speaks several languages, including Slovenian, German, and English!” I hear you say in defense of “Muse” (the First Lady’s Secret Service code name).
Well, yes. But being a polyglot in Europe is as common as being a monolingual in the U.S. In plain language, it’s not that big a deal, don’t you know?
And seriously, how can you say that Muse’s slogan, Be Best, for her one signature civic duty “First Lady thing” - cyberbullying - is “eloquent”?
On the contrary, that two-word phrase is the antithesis of eloquence. It’s simple-minded. for one thing. And it is hypocritical, considering that’s she’s married to Mogul, the biggest bully of all.
Regarding eloquence and poise, this lady has more of those two elements than our current First Lady. She may not be your cup of tea, but here goes:

Third, Melania Trump is not the most beautiful First Lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. She may have been naturally pretty once, but since Muse married Mogul, her features have become more sculpted, less natural, and even tend to go to the “plastic-fake” end of the feminine beauty spectrum.
Wanna talk about a classy, beautiful First Lady who was also eloquent?