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Book Review: Miss Harper Can Do It

Pros: Annie Harper's humor; nice insights into a young teacher's life Cons: It didn't bug me, but some readers may get tired of the footnotes-as-narrative tool technique. Ask anyone who knows me well - or read enough of my online missives and musings - about my reading habits, and you'll probably come away with the impression that I don't read too many books written by women unless they are Star Trek or Star Wars authors.

And for the most part, your impression would be proven mostly correct; I tend to gravitate more toward fiction that echoes my love of military history and technology (I've got a pile of novels by Tom Clancy, Stephen Coonts, Harold Coyle and Larry Bond in my bookshelves).  I also like non-fiction books that reflect my interest in world affairs, politics and geography/travel.

But among my many volumes about war, espionage and escapist movie tie-ins, you'll be surprised to find a few books written by and about women...books that probably fit the …