Monday, November 24, 2014

Trying to get back into the swing of things, writing-wise

Hi, there, Constant Readers. It's Monday, November 24, 2014, and right now the temperature in Miami is 86 degrees Fahrenheit under mostly clear skies. The humidity levels are tolerable, but the heat index outside is 96 degrees. Much too summery for my taste; if it wasn't for all the pre-Black Friday ads online and elsewhere, I'd have forgotten that Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday.

I apologize for not being a Constant Writer, folks. I haven't been tending to my blog as much I should, but the complications of being a caregiver to a sick parent, trying to find online revenue streams to replace Epinions and Yahoo Voices (a.k.a. Associated Content), the stresses of managing my household finances, and a host of other issues have made a hash of my plans for "A Certain Point of View."  It's hard for me to find a good balance between my personal and working lives, especially when both inevitably overlap.

I've been fairly busy over at Examiner, where I'm the Miami DVD & Blu-ray Examiner. I have been writing at Examiner for a bit over a year now, although right now my output has been, well, modest (to put it kindly).

As of today, my stats at Examiner look like this:

Article Page Views for November: 16,922
Articles Promoted (by AXS or Examiner): 3
Articles Produced: 108
Articles Produced Over the Past 30 Days: 13

I had hoped to "produce" No. 14 today. Around noon today, I logged on to Examiner, set up a rough draft (with placeholder text from an existing review in Epinions), added a photo and video, then saved the draft for "later."  My plan was to take care of stuff I had to deal with before my older half-sibling came over to help with Mom, then do an all-new review on Google Docs to replace the "placeholder" stuff I'd saved earlier.

It's now later....five hours later, and I have not been able to start on the review of "Star Trek Nemesis."  Oh, yes, I could publish what I have now at Examiner, but that review is not up to my writing standards. It's readable, yes, but only up to a point, and the stylistic differences between the Epinions version and the other reviews I've posted in November would

Photo Credit: Pixabay
I still have time (and energy) to get all the preliminary stuff I do now for my Examiner reviews, including the credits I add to the beginning, the list of extra features for the "Star Trek Nemesis" Blu-ray, and the specs section.  If I do that, I'll be able to concentrate on rewriting the review and thus submit it faster tomorrow.